MultiMac (Multi Measurement and Control)

  • MultiMac is a generic Test Bench designed for use in testing electronic equipment at PCB or System Level
  • The idea was to create a single test environment for engineers that allow quick turnaround times to develop tests for new devices.
  • The simplicity of the environment allows for ease of maintenance and short training cycles.
  • MultiMac contains most common equipment which allows for testing of a variety of devices.
  • MultiMac saves space because you only need one Test Bench plus simple interfaces, one for each device.
  • MultiMac saves time due to the simplicity of menu driven Test Scripts and using the same environment.
  • In itself, all of the above factors contribute to significant cost savings over the long-term for the customer.
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Signal Multiplexer
Signal Multiplexer in a 3U high rack-mount enclosure to multiplex 256 signals to 16 at 1A switching capability.

Building Blocks
Script programmable building blocks are available to aid test equipment, i.e. load switches, temperature sensors, extra Power Supplies, etc.