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IT Services

IP Security Systems

Security Systems

Security systems can be monitored and controlled remotely via a cell-phone or computer.

Innovative touch keypads can display an image such as your company logo and provide a picture frame that cycles through images

IP/Analog Video (CCTV)

Mateq offers video surveillance and recording utilising the latest technologies, offering excellent picture quality and remote monitoring using a cell-phone or computer via the internet.

Intrustion Detection

Infrared Barrier Detectors

Access Control

We offer access control ranging from simple stand-alone systems to advanced IP systems including Time-and-Attendance systems. Depending on the system the user can define times and dates for access per user.

Time and Attendance

Fingerprint Readers

Tag Readers

GSM Intercom

Automation & Control

Mateq offers automation of boardrooms, buildings and houses to control nearly every imaginable device, including music, lighting and security, integrating with the latest Internet Of Things (IOT) and technologies

Voice Control Integration and IOT

Voice control allows the user a new level of control of their environment. Mateq offers integration of these systems to control devices using the Internet Of Things (IOT) technologies.

Network Infrastructure

WiFi Access Points (Indoor / Outdoor)

Network Attached Storage (NAS)

Ethernet Switches

POE Injectors


Server 19"

Wall Mount 19"

Rugged 19"

Ethernet Cabling